Space Jam Yamato Review + 10% Off Coupon

space jam yamato juice review

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As someone who vapes every day, there’s been a ton of different juices that I’ve used to mix with my CBD oils. I normally do this when I’m going out on the town, as blending a mix with some flavor is much more discreet, but it also makes the vaping experience much more enjoyable. My experiences have been mixed, as there are some excellent juices out there as well as some really crummy ones (the stuff you usually see at a convenience store). Having never used the Space Jam series of juices, I was curious as to how the Yamato flavor stacked up against the competition. Is it a slam dunk or a foul?


Interestingly, the Yamato flavor is a simple blueberry muffin. I had no idea what Yamato actually translates to, but looking it up on Google the world translates to great or harmony, none of which apply to this juice. With that being said, the flavor of this eJuice is fantastic. I love blueberry muffins, and the vapor the emanates from your pen tastes just like a muffin that your grandmother baked for you back when you’re a child. Everything here is rich, and I love the hints of vanilla thrown in for good measure.


The Yamato blend comes with Space Jam’s custom 70/30 vegetable glycol, propylene glycol blend. This gives users the chance to have the largest plumes of vapor possible. I love taking big rips on my vaporizer and found that Yamato was definitely up to the task. The vapor itself is very clean and when I laid out huge rips I was able to get streams of vapor lasting upwards of 15 seconds to come out my mouth and nose. All of this was blended with the wonderful flavor of blueberry and was really enjoyable.

Nicotine Content

The Yamato blend comes in an array of different nicotine levels, giving users their choice of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. When I use blends for mixing with CBD, I don’t use any nicotine as I’m not a smoker. My wife is though, and she’s done a good job going to just vaping with small decreases every now and then. She used the 3mg level of nicotine for testing purposes and found that the levels were good enough to get her through the day with regular draws. Stronger versions are for those who are just coming from cigarettes and offer more relief. If you’re the type of user looking to cut CBD oil though, then you can stay away from this section as in past experience the two don’t blend well together.

Conclusion and Coupon

Yamato from Space Jam has a great flavor and offers great plumes of vapor to users. The flavor isn’t the best I’ve ever tasted, but it’s pretty darn good, and I did enjoy this new brand. I want to see what the company can put out with their other flavors. If you enjoy good flavor and are willing to pay a bit more for your juice, then Yamato from Space Jam is definitely worth it.

space jam yamato juice review

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