Space Jam Particle X Juice Review: Strange, But Good! 10% Off Coupon

space jam particle x review

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Particle X either sounds like the name of a new scientific genetic discovery or something that houses a bunch of mutants who want to fight crime. What it doesn’t sound like is a flavor of a vape eJuice, which is what it really is. Space Jam has awesome names for their juices, and that trend continues with Particle X, which is actually a berry and cotton candy blend. This sounds like an odd pairing but actually comes out tasting quite nice.


Particle X has an interesting flavor combination of cotton candy and berry (blueberry and raspberry to be more precise). The blend is one that I haven’t seen anywhere else but is an instant winner in my book. The berry is what comes through the strongest, and leads way to a subtle but nice sweet cotton candy aftertaste, which isn’t overstated. I really do like this blend, although it doesn’t play quite as nicely with CBD oils like the other Space Jam blends do. For some reason, I had a bit of a strange taste with that, which wasn’t present when I just used the juice by itself.


The makeup of this eJuice is the standard 70/30 blend of vegetable glycol and propylene glycol. When this juice hits the atomizer of your vaporizer, you’ll see that huge plumes of vapor are pulled out. I always get great plumes of vapor that resemble smoke, and if I take a big enough rip I can exhale out of both my nose and mouth and look like a dragon. A few times I’ve been able to also get rips that had vapor coming out multiple breaths. That’s pretty darn impressive.

Nicotine Content

There are multiple nicotine blends available for users, including 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. If you’re just stopping smoking you’ll probably want one of the higher content blends before working your way down to lower levels. I have never smoked so I use the nicotine free, but my wife does use the 3mg, and she reported consistently getting what she felt she needed from the blend. She vapes most of the day, so she definitely felt like this was a good blend on her end.


Particle X has a stupid name but is a good eJuice blend if you’re planning to use it by itself. I can’t say that I recommend this if you’re planning to mix it with CBD oil, as there seems to be a weird taste when mixed, but on its own it is a really good flavor that stands up well against its competition. Nicotine content is well mixed, and you’ll get consistent results with every rip you take. Space Jam’s flavors are more simple than their competition, but this is one of the stranger mixes I’ve seen from the group. If you’re looking to get a bold berry flavor with a sweet and sugary aftertaste, then I highly recommend you check out Particle X. The excellent constitution and flavor make this a flavor worth giving a fair shot to.

space jam particle x review

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