Space Jam Astro Vape Juice Review: Sweet but Tart!

astro space jam juice review

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By the time you read this review I likely will have a chance to look over every blend of Space Jam vaporizer juice. Although most of the ones been pretty good also been fairly simple, unlike a lot of their competition which goes for very extreme and unique plants. Astro by Space Jam is an apple and strawberry blend that while simple also brings a lot of bold flavors. I think that this is a real winner from the company I can't wait to tell you why.


When reviewing a vapor juice the most important thing to me is its flavor. When I first took a puff of Astro, I got a bold taste of strawberry up front that quickly morphed into a green sour apple. This was fantastic and actually very refreshing. While a lot of other companies are going to something extreme with cheesecake or cotton candy, this blend’s simplicity actually plays a lot better in my eyes. I feel that I could take this with me anywhere I go and those around me would be pleased. Most juices don't have a lot of odor, but you can usually get the hint of something. If that’s going to be the case, I can only hope that the odor will be as pleasant as this Astro juice.


Space Jam creates all of their blends with a 70/30 mixture of vegetable glycol and propylene glycol. This holds true with the Astro juice, and the result is a vapor plume that is very impressive. Many times I will use my vape pen and the vapor that came out was so thick that you may have thought I was smoking a cigar. Prolonged rips on the device yielded even better results and actually gave you more flavor from the juice. There is no doubt that Space Jam is doing a good thing with their blend, and even cutting this with CBD oil, the plumes of vapor were still very impressive.

Nicotine Content

As with all the other juices put out by Space Jam, the Astro juice has a nicotine free, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg option for nicotine levels. These levels are meant for those who are quitting smoking, but because I don't actually smoke I use the nicotine free level. My wife is a former smoker though, who is working her way down and she used the 3 mg blend. She reported no problems throughout the day using the 3 mg Astro juice, which means that is likely evenly distributed throughout the liquid.


Space Jam has another winner with their Astro juice blend. I absolutely love the combination of green apple and strawberry and found that the excellent vapor content created by the glycol mix is ideal for use throughout the day. If you're looking for a good new option I highly recommend you take a look at this plan from space jam. It's certainly one of the best that I’ve come across in my years of reviewing vape juices.

astro space jam juice review

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