Space Jam Andromeda Review: Yum!

andromeda ejuice vapor review

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I have to say that I love Space Jam’s blends of eJuice, but in my opinion they have the COOLEST names for their products. The names don’t have anything to do with the blend, but this doesn’t affect the flavor of the product themselves. The Andromeda blend brings a mixture of blueberries and pomegranate, and while it's nothing extreme, the flavor does taste good.


Andromeda is a simple mixture of blueberries and pomegranate, and it tastes fresh. Breathing out from my nose I managed to get more of the tart from the blueberries, but breathing out from my mouth I ended up getting more of the pomegranate. The blend is nowhere near the most extreme that I’ve experienced, but it’s a nice and simple mixture that is good for everyday use. Mixing this with CBD oil, I never noticed that there were any drop in quality of flavor. I highly recommend this if you’re planning on vaping out in public as it’s quite pleasant and there was no hint of odor or anything else.


Andromeda has the same makeup that every other Space Jam blend does, which is a 70/30 vegetable glycol, propylene glycol blend. This means that you’re going to end up getting strong plumes of vapor that are so thick that they resemble smoke. The vapor never ends up being harsh, and even if you blend in a CBD oil to get some relief, you won’t notice any real drop in the quality of the vapor being put out. It seems like most blends these days are using the same content makeup, which is a good thing and ensures that you’re going to get the maximum flavor profile delivered in those clouds.

Nicotine Content

All Space Jam blends come in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg nicotine blends. The nicotine delivery is consistent for every puff that you take, and lasts a fair amount of time. I myself don’t smoke and I only use the 0mg blend as a carrying agent for my CBD oil, but my wife does use nicotine and she noted that she was quite happy with the results she saw throughout the day. If you’re just stopping smoking, I recommend you check out the higher blend of nicotine and work your way down to the 3mg blend before cutting nicotine out altogether.


If you’re looking for a simple fruity eJuice blend, then I highly recommend you check out Andromeda from Space Jam. The flavors are great, and they’re bold when mixed with the huge vapor plumes present. While this isn’t a crazy blend, the quality is excellent and you’ll likely enjoy this as an everyday blend. Nicotine delivery is also consistent and you can definitely use this to cut down on your smoking. Overall, this is a very good juice blend and I highly recommend you check it out if you’re looking for a good gateway into Space Jam’s flavors.

andromeda ejuice vapor review

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