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SPECIAL REPORTWoman Paralyzed By Pain Discovers Breakthrough Relief Called ‘Nature's Oxycontin' As Seen on “Shark Tank”

Retired doctor who experienced nonstop agony discovers a novel treatment for chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, and muscle spasm. Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading…

Here's what it's all about…

Pure Labs CBD is made from Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis and hemp. It is an ingredient in cannabis that relieves pain and fights inflammation along with a slew of other miraculous benefits.  

It's has been called “Nature's Oxycontin” because it quickly relieves even the most agonizing pain and reduces inflammation allowing the body to finally heal.

Millions of Americans are already using Pure Labs CBD on a daily basis. Many say it works like magic. Some say it works better than prescription painkillers like Vicodin and Oxycontin. And now, thanks to new federal regulations, every American can enjoy the benefits of hemp cbd. 

Federal hemp law

On Dec 20th, 2018 President Trump Signed into Law a $867 billion package titled the Agriculture Improvement Act of 20181 which has reclassified hemp as an agricultural product, enabling the shipment of one of the major components created from hemp A.K.A. CBD to be declassified as a scheduled 1 drug to an agricultural product and one that does not produce a high.

Here at, we received hundreds of emails about whether Premium Pure is a legitimate alternative to potent painkillers, and if it carries any unwanted side effects. We wanted to find out…

Is “Nature's Oxycontin” The Real Deal… Or just Another Gimmick?

An estimated 44% of America by 2022 will use Hemp may help with the following conditions:

  • Helps Relieve Joint Aches
  • Helps with Nausea
  • Helps Skin Issues
  • Helps with Stress and a better sense of relaxation
  • Helps with Muscle Recovery
  • May help with the anxiety of Smoking Cessation

Pure Labs CBD:  Miracle In A Bottle!

Here’s what all the hype is about…

In 2018 Pure Labs CBD developed a groundbreaking major relief tincture formula, called Pure Labs CBD, after the US Congress legalized the sale of Hemp products. Cannabidiol oil is an extraction from the cannabis plant that is then diluted with a carrier oil such as hemp seed or coconut oil. Though it can come from marijuana & both hemp plants (a type of cannabis), it doesn’t have to, which is why some Hemp products are legal for sale and use.

Their Hemp does not contain THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana that gets you high. Hemp was first recognized publicly in 1940 but discovered June 1776 and was used to make the 1st American Flag created by Betsy Ross.. I guess you could say Hemp is as American as Apple Pie. In addition, Hemp is still to this day used in rope, plastic and hemp milk found in your grocery store, just look next time. For this reason, many see Hemp as an alternative for helping to manage your state of relaxation, without altering one’s state of mind or causing side effects like lethargy.

1.) Trouble With Relief

Lack of Relief- experiencing over 100 days per year or more of suffering. In the United States, over seventy million people suffer due to a lack of relief. We need the medical community to be focused on healing!

2.) Nausea, gas (so called leaky gut is gas, contistaption, bloating)

The stomach is lined by a barrier of epithelial cells that are linked together by tight junction proteins. These tight junctions are a doorway between your stomach and your bloodstream, controlling what passes between them. They allow nutrients to pass through, while preventing harmful substances from breaching the stomach.Mary was flabbergasted. This discovery changed her life- literally overnight.

3. Aging Skin (inflammation)

Our skin is the largest organ in our entire body. Benefits of Pure Labs CBD in our skin care for aging skin come from fighting inflammation and our other ingredients help with the antibacterial properties that naturally help improve irritating skin conditions and you won’t get high!

4. Let’s just all relax

The oral use of Hemp for anxiety appears to be the most common use of the plant among various people in the USHemp Oil effects have been shown to consistently reduce the feeling of non-relaxation. On its own, Hemp has been shown to help us live a more healthy life, so let’s just all lessen.

5. Muscle Recovery

Due to its health benefits on Oct. 16, 2017 World Anti-Doping Agency and IOC lifted the restriction of Hemp Oil due to a laundry list of benefits, it is not uncommon for athletes to use Hemp pre and post-workout. Hemp is becoming more well-known for its ability to speed up recovery and rest. Hemp also has the ability to fight inflammatory, and it's effects that can support post-workout recovery.

6. Help Quitting Cigarettes

Studies have shown that Hemp Oil has actually been found to help curb the cravings for cigarettes. Now for most people, Hemp oil, which is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis extract, has shown great signs of reducing smoking rates by up to 40% in people that are active smokers.

In a blind study, participants were given either 800mg oral Hemp or a placebo, and the conclusions from the final study were that those given the Hemp supplement reduced their “silenced and halted cigarette cues.

  • Reduce cravings
  • Reduce withdrawal symptoms
  • Reduce smoking cues

7. Sleepless Nights? Help please

Hemp does help increase Rapid Eye Movement (REM) in your sleep cycles which is amazing for people that wake up at night and can’t go back to sleep. REM behavior disorder is a condition that causes people to act out physically during dreaming and REM sleep. Typically, during REM, the body is in a state known as REM atonia. This immobilization keeps sleepers from reacting physically to their dreams. Which can lead to disruptive sleep and to injuring themselves or their sleeping partners.


Harvard Medical School

In addition, CBD has now been clinically proven to:

  • Reduce pain by binding to CB1 receptors while reducing swelling
  • Reduce social anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort in patients diagnosed with Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)
  • Combat neurodegenerative disorders
  • Improves sleep quality and restore respiratory stability to those experiencing sleep Apnea
  • Clears acne by inhibiting lipid synthesis on the skin
  • Regulates blood sugar and lowers insulin resistance
  • Provide relief to those suffering from IBD through it's anti-inflammatory effects
  • Prevents obesity. Several follow up studies have shown CBD usage is associated with smaller waist circumference
  • And much, much more!


“What makes Pure Labs CBD different is our CBD is extracted from cannabis plants using the ‘green method' of supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) with CO2, noted that “the butane, hexane used to process much of the consumer-grade cannabinoid that others use can leave unwanted traces behind.”

Pure Labs CBD has produced incredible results in for so many people…

The big Pharmaceutical companies tried everything they could to stop Pure Labs CBD from reaching the masses. They lobbied to congress, spread fake news on the dangers of CBD, and even sued the company!

Yet, their attack had the opposite effect. In trying to shut down Pure Labs CBD, the Pharma industry ended up raising even more public awareness for the pain relief and healing power of CBD. 

Eventually, Hollywood celebrities started trying Pure Labs CBD for their ailments, and once they saw how well it worked, they started spreading the word to millions of fans


“Natural Miracle Cure That Will Bring Down Big Pharma” 

Taylors cbd story“My name is Taylor and I'm a 49 year old mother of three from Alabama. I have a history of anxiety attacks and chronic muscle pain and aches, which has prevented me from living a normal life. On top of that, I accidentally slipped on our family vacation a few years ago and have been experiencing back pain ever since.

Since my diagnosis, I tried various exercises for my back pain. I spent hours everyday meditating to help with my anxiety attacks. I was even given a high dose of Vicodin to help manage my pain, but they made me nauseous, foggy headed and always craving for more.

I tried natural supplements but none of them worked. I tried various therapies like massages, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture yet those didn't help either. At one point, I was even considering a $5,000 surgery! But I read about horrible side effects from others online. Plus, I couldn't afford to dig myself deeper into financial debt. So I decided to keep searching.

One day, I came across a natural solution to pain management and inflammation that's even more effective than prescription meds. Of course, the solution was CBD and the brand he recommended was Pure Labs CBD

At first, I was hesitant because I didn't want to get “high” but through more research, I discovered CBD has no psychoactive effects, so I can function as normal. So I decided to placed an order and give it a shot. 

Within a few weeks, my pain completely disappeared and my normal panic attacks began to subside. I was amazed! Most of all, my back pain was much better and I was even able to take my 3 year old son in my arms for a walk for the first time in years! I not only saved thousands of dollars, but also the hassle of doctor visits and therapy sessions thanks to Premium Pure.

Will Premium Pure Work For You?

Pure Labs CBD is absolutely safe and legal in all 50 states. You can skip the long wait for doctors appointments and the frightfully expensive bills by using Pure Labs CBD instead.

For a limited time, Pure Labs CBD is offering our readers a PROMO of Pure Labs CBD. T You can take advantage of this limited time offer and a get a free bottle of Pure Labs CBD with your purchase.

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