Pure CBD Oil 100mg Review: Amazing!

Pure CBD 100mg pain relief As a regular cannabis user for my aches and pains, I am always looking for a medicine that provides effective relief in the timeliest manner. In order to be able to get relief when I’m out and about, I often times resort to CBD oils, as they’re discreet and can be used without anyone looking at you strangely. The problem is finding a good oil that delivers relief effectively every time, as most brands are hit or miss. When I saw that Blue Moon Hemp had released a brand of CBD oils, I wanted to give them a try, as the group has a solid reputation for putting out good products. How does their 100mg blend stand up to the competition?


There’s absolutely no flavor to be found with this blend, as the company opted to go the route of offering it in as simple a method possible. This is great if you’re dropping it directly onto your tongue, but if you’re vaping the oil you’ll probably want to mix it with a carrying e-Juice, as it does mix well. For my testing, I mixed this with some of Beard’s No. 5 blend (Strawberry Cheesecake) and found it to be a fantastic combination.

Blue Moon Hemp Pure CBD Oil 100mg

This unflavored CBD oil from Blue Moon Hemp provides an earthy, hemp extract flavor without any added flavorings. This CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants in the Swiss Alps and is a "whole plant" extract that allows for all 60 Cannabinoids

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If you’re using this in a vape pen (the best choice if you’re out on the go), you’ll find that you’re getting huge plumes of vapor when you exhale. This is due to the 70/30 vegetable glycol and propylene glycol makeup of the oil. Things do reduce slightly when you mix it with a carrying agent, but the plumes are still healthy enough for my use.

CBD Content

Blue Moon Hemp gets their CBD extract from plants that are grown in the Swiss Alps, and the company includes all 60 types of cannabinoids to be found in the oil. Making things even better is that the plants are bred to guarantee maximum potency in the blend. For me, I took this while I was going through a severe bout of sciatica, and found that the results were awesome.

After about 20 minutes after using the oil, I began to feel some pain relief in my body. As the drug is not psychoactive, you cannot get high on it. Instead, you get almost what I’d call a body buzz, and your pain gets dulled. I’d equate it to a pain killer without the downing feeling you’d get. The 100mg bottle is the lowest that the company puts out, but if you’re new to using these products, this is definitely where you should start.


When it comes to CBD oils, Blue Moon Hemp delivers a strong product to their customers. The Pure 100 is a good starter oil for new users, as it delivers good results but isn’t too strong. The flavor is not there, but this is by design. If you’re looking for taste, you should mix this with a nicotine free e-Juice, as that’ll make this a tasty, yet effective way to get yourself some relief for whatever ails you.

Pure CBD 100mg pain relief


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