Pure CBD 400mg Review and Coupon: Strong and Effective!

Pure CBD 400mg pain relief oil

CBD oils are notorious for having certain makers not provide consistent experiences for their products. This has led to some people being turned off, as they don’t get the relief they are seeking, despite paying high prices for each bottle. Blue Moon Hemp doesn’t have this problem though, as they use some of the best cannabis products to produce an oil that consistently delivers high-end relief.


When you use the Pure CBD Oil, you’ll notice that there’s not really any flavor whatsoever. This is due to the company designing the oil this way in order to allow users to mix the product with a flavored e-Juice. I dropped the juice under my tongue directly and found that the no flavor is decent, as it tastes almost like water mixed with an oil texture. I also mixed the oil with some e-Juice from the Beard Vape Co., and had a really pleasant experience in my vape pen, as I was able to take the product out in public and could taste some excellent funnel cake.


This CBD oil is excellent in its makeup, as it has a strong 70/30 blend of vegetable glycol and propylene glycol. This means that you’ll get some strong vapor plumes when you use it in a device. I was able to take a strong rip in excess of ten seconds and found that the vapor lasted the entire time I exhaled with extra coming out the next breath as well. If you end up mixing this with an e-Juice, you will see the plumes diluted a bit, but it's nothing that really affects the makeup of the oil itself.

CBD Content

The CBD content of the oil here is fantastic and is perhaps the strongest I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been using 100mg oil from this company for some time and find that I usually get decent results with that, but I have to re-use more. With the 400mg, you’re looking at roughly four times the CBD content you’d get from a joint, without the harmful side effects. The dosage here is so strong that I only had to use once every few hours, and I felt my pain symptoms subside completely. This stands in contrast to the 100mg oil, which does a good job but only dulls the pain down.


If you’re a CBD user who’s been looking for something a little more powerful, you owe it to yourself to check out Blue Moon Hemp’s Pure CBD 400mg oil. This stuff is potent as heck, and you’ll find yourself not having to medicate nearly as often. The price is nearly double for this stuff, but when you factor in the facts that you don’t have to use as much or as often, the 400mg is a great investment.

I’ve really become a big fan of the products that Blue Moon Hemp puts out, but I generally tend to mix them up with an e-Juice, as it allows me to get good flavors in there. This will dilute things a bit, but with the juice this concentrated that doesn’t matter.


Pure CBD 400mg pain relief oil

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