Is CBD Legal In Oklahoma? Where Can I Buy It?

New Laws Passed In Oklahoma Allow For Legal CBD Purchases

The Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin made the use of low THC cannabis oil for the treatment of epilepsy legal. The THC contained in the CBD product must be no more than 0.3% to reduce any of the “high” sensations. The Governor said that passing this bill will lead to many young children in life threatening situations see the light of day. The legislation that he signed allows for products that are backed by medical studies. There are also medical trials happening to see if CBD oils can be used for children who suffer from seizures. If these studies show promising results, you can expect to be using CBD oils for people with seizures in Oklahoma sooner than later.

Despite legalizing CBD oils under strict usage laws, the Governor is still adamant about making marijuana legal. Mary says that the support for legalizing marijuana as a whole will never happen as long as he is Governor.

Is CBD Legal In Oklahoma?

  • YES

What Does CBD Treat?

Many clinical trials have shown us that CBD can treat a variety of health conditions, other than epilepsy. It has proven itself to treat seizures, anxiety, psychosis, and inflammation issues. Every Day Optimal are making great progress with their medicinal hemp products as they contain 0% THC. Meaning that users will only ever experience the positive health benefits without the possible side effects such as nausea and vomiting.

How To Choose The Right CBD Product

Choosing where you get your CBD products from is vital. Prior to these new laws being passed, people could only get their hands on CBD through overseas companies without breaking the law. But doing that nowadays can be dangerous since many of the CBD products that these companies sell contain chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals! That's why we recommend that you go with a U.S. based company who have a good track record of selling high-quality CBD.