How Does CBD Oil Treat Pain?

Being in chronic pain is awful. The nerves that are triggered by various conditions can range from being dull all the way to hot forks going right into your brain. When you consider that more than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, the condition is certainly an epidemic. Even worse is the overuse of opioids to treat symptoms, which can cause drug dependency, overdoses, and even death.

Marijuana users have long spoken about the pain relieving effects of the plant, but the reasons why it worked weren’t completely known. In recent years researchers have concluded that cannabinoids (CBD) are the reason that users feel such effective pain relief.

For those of you who don’t know, CBD is the other major compound in marijuana not called THC. Unlike THC (which makes you feel high), CBD actually has no psychoactive effects and instead works to heal various ailments in the human body. This compound can be used in an oil that can be taken in a variety of ways and is very effective in combatting pain.

How CBD Fights Pain

CBD extract is strong and fast acting for patients.Researchers who’ve conducted studies on how cannabinoids fight pain have found that the substance works by dulling some of the pain receptors throughout your body. This means that your nerves won’t fire as quickly in regard to pain and you’ll end up feeling better. The compound also has been shown to be effective in fighting inflammation, which is a known pain trigger.

Ways to Take CBD Oil to Fight Pain

There are a handful of different ways that users can use CBD oil to fight pain, including:

  • Orally- If you want to you can ingest the oil through your mouth, as it offers the fastest way to feel effects from the medicine. The best way to take CBD oil orally is to drop an eyedropper underneath your tongue, as it puts the chemical into your body rapidly.
  • Topically- If you don’t want to put the substance in your body, you can rub CBD oil on your skin in order to feel pain relief. Most users who consume the oil this way rub it on sore joints and let it absorb into the skin. The oil eventually works its way down to the joint or other painful area and takes some of the edge off. This is probably the least effective way to take the medicine, as it’s slower to take effect. The benefits here are that oil is very discreet so you don’t have to worry about others catching onto you using it in public.
  • Vaporizing- There are certain CBD oils that can be used in vaporizers, although not all oils or devices are compatible so you need to do your homework. The benefits of vaporizing are that there’s no odor or flavor associated with the CBD oil, and apart from taking it orally is the fastest way to feel pain relief.

What a CBD Oil User Has to Say

Although there have been many studies on the effectiveness of the oil, the best way to gauge its pain fighting characteristics are through user testimonials. I myself am a medical marijuana user who suffers from arthritis as well as chronic sciatica, and I have used CBD oil to fight off the pain I feel every day.

CBD oil is great at relieving pain.Last year was the worst pain-wise that I’ve ever experienced. Being a 32-year-old man, I threw out my back playing with my daughter on Easter Sunday. The pain got worse throughout the day, and by the time Monday came I was doubled over in pain. I made it to the chiropractor’s office and actually passed out when she attempted to get me off the table.

When I woke up the ambulance was there and I had to spend three days in my local hospital. During that stay, I was fed a series of IV class opioids, and while they worked short term, they couldn’t get me through a day and I feared becoming addicted. I ended up resorting to medical CBD oil, rubbing some on my lower back while also dropping some under my tongue.

Interestingly, the medicine worked better than the morphine did, and without any of the bad effects, the latter has. After a few days use I was able to walk upright and could even tie my shoes. In my mind, this goes to show how effective CBD oil is in fighting pain, and I’ll swear by it until the day I die.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a way to fight pain without prescription drugs, I highly recommend you check out this oil, as it’s a real difference maker and won’t make you feel high at all.

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