Is CBD Legal In Wyoming? Where Can I Buy It?

New Laws Passed In Wyoming Allow For Legal CBD Purchases

Wyoming was the 16th state to legalize CBD oil in 2015. It was due to the successful House Bill 32 which won by a landslide vote! People realized just how effective CBD is for people who were suffering from health conditions. The medical society in Wyoming was one of the most influential supporters of this bill and they are a large reason for getting it passed. The consumption, importation, and purchase of CBD is federally legal in Wyoming.

Is CBD Legal In Wyoming?

  • YES

What Does CBD Treat?

CBD has undergone many clinical trials to understand its true potential for medical purposes. All of the results point towards it having positive effects. It can treat anxiety, epilepsy, seizures, and psychosis. CBD products typically contain very small amount of THC, which reduces any feelings of vomiting or nausea. But Every Day Optimal have taken things a step further – Their products contain 0% THC.

How To Choose The Right CBD Product

More people are beginning to realize the incredible health benefits that CBD can provide. This has caused an increase in the number of overseas companies who are trying to sell CBD products into the U.S. market. However, many of their items contain harmful toxins, chemicals, and even heavy metals!  But with Every Day Optimal manufacturing and selling CBD in the U.S. there's no reason to turn to other companies outside of the country.

They are a unique company in the sense that they have strict quality controls and procedures. They also only use medicinal hemp, which is the highest quality available right now. Everything is purified and filtered to give users an effective product. They are one of the largest and most successful companies that are selling CBD in the U.S. who are also operating completely within the law.