Where To Buy Legal CBD In South Carolina

New Laws Passed In South Carolina Allow For Legal CBD Purchases

“Julian's Law” was signed by the South Carolina Governor in 2014. It allowed CBD oils that contain under 0.9% THC, and over 15% cannabidiol legal for people suffering from epilepsy. Every Day Optimal is one of the only companies who has found a way to eliminate ALL THC from their products. They can only be used for medicinal purposes and do not require any paperwork from a neurologist.

Is CBD Legal In South Carolina?

  • YES

What Does CBD Treat?

The clinical trials have shown us the incredible healing properties of CBD. It can be used to treat a huge variety of health conditions. These include epilepsy, anxiety, seizures, stiff muscles, inflammation, and so much more. The possibilities seem endless with CBD.

How To Choose The Right CBD Product

Nowadays, there are many overseas companies who are trying to capitalize on the popularity of CBD products. However, the products they sell tend to be low in quality, especially the ones coming from China and Eastern Europe. Many of their CBD items have been found to contain toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals!

Instead, we advise that you choose an American company who has established a great reputation of selling high-quality products. Every Day Optimal is one of the top CBD-selling companies in the U.S. They only deal with the best grade of hemp (which is medicinal) and they put their products through insane purification processes to take their quality to the next level. All of the CBD products they sell are 100% legal to buy and use.

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