Beard Vape Co Flavor #5 Review and Coupon

#5 Flavor Review and Coupon

One of Beard Vape Co originals, Flavor #5 (New York City Strawberry Cheesecake) is sure to please. This has been one of the most popular e Juice flavors for Beard Vape Co for years. The California based company will take you across the country to New York City and have you eating a perfect slice of cheesecake in vape form. Every single aspect is dead on. From the juicy, plump strawberry flavors to the rich creamy cheesecake tones, it's all so delicious. This is a 60/40 VG/PG blend that is perfect for any vape mod.

Beard Vape Co Flavor #05 Coupons

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#5 Flavor Review and Coupon

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