Beard Vape Co Flavor #24 Review and Coupons


The Beard Vape Co. has done a lot in its short time in the vape industry to establish itself as one of the highest-quality producers of E-liquid. Their flavors are always fantastic and spot-on when it comes comparing to the description on the bottle. The juice also has a great propylene glycol makeup, which results in stellar plumes of vapor, no matter the device used. If you’re looking for a high-end juice that tastes great, the No. 24 has a wonderful caramel milkshake flavor that makes you think you’re enjoying a creamy treat.


The Beard Vape Co. always does flavor right. This is the company’s biggest selling point, as they end up having a lot of unique flavors such as cheesecake, custard, fruit cup, and more. The #24 flavor is salted caramel milkshake, and it really does taste accurate.

I actually like the flavor with the #24, although it isn’t the best one I’ve had from Beard. That distinction goes to #5, which is a strawberry cheesecake and is spot on to some of the greatness you can have in New York.


The VG and PG mix of the liquid is key to giving you the big plumes of vapor from a pen or other vape device. The Beard Vape Co. knocks it out of the park in this aspect. You’ll always get billowing clouds when you take a medium to large-sized rip.Beard Vape Co Review

The liquid actually is very efficient as well, meaning that the atomizer in your device doesn’t have to work double duty to deliver the vapor. You’ll end up noticing that the liquid stays in the carrying device as well, lasting a lot longer than those cheap juices that you find at the gas station.


There are a few choices for nicotine delivery here, as you can go nicotine free, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg. I myself mix in a bit of flavorless CBD oil that I have around the house, so I go with the nicotine free option. I did end up buying my partner a bottle as she’s quitting smoking. She said that the 6mg was perfect for helping her wind down her smoking habit. She claims that she never ended up having any extra urges when using the juice and that it lasted long enough where she was able to keep up her normal vape use while at work and around the house.


I really enjoy the Beard Vape Co. brand of E-liquids. It comes in at a bit of a premium price-wise, but it’s well worth it. The flavor is spot on with the #24, and the quality of the liquid and nicotine delivery is excellent. If you want to go a bit higher end than normal, I highly recommend you check out this brand, and if you are a fan of caramel milkshakes in the summertime, you can’t go wrong with #24.

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