Beard Vape Co. #64 Review- WHAT A FLAVOR!


The Beard Vape Co. is a group that always manages to surprise me when I taste their various E-Juices. The supplier has shocked me with their funnel cake and peach ring flavors, which are as unique as you’ll find in the industry. The company’s #64 blend is a raspberry hibiscus mix that gives you a flavor that is both tart and sweet, providing a great aroma that travels up your nose.


This blend of E-Juice is pretty solid, albeit not my favorite blend from Beard. The group’s other flavors are also very good, but also seem a lot bolder than what you get out of #64. The tartness of the berry is present for sure, but the overall in your face flavor just isn’t here. The hibiscus flavor is almost non-present, and it is more aromatic than anything else. If you take a nice deep rip from the juice and exhale it through your nose, you’ll get more of that flowery flavor.

While this is good, it certainly isn’t my go-to when I want to enjoy a tasty vapor.


Beard Vape Co ReviewThe quality of Beard’s juice makeup is among the best I’ve seen. The juice is a 60/40 VG and PG makeup, which is food quality grade, which is the best you’ll find for a vape juice. The high-quality juice is a bit of a premium product, but it lasts a long time, much longer than a lot of the other blends you’ll find out there.

When you take a rip of the liquid, you’ll notice that it quickly vaporizes, and the plumes it produces are bountiful. This is part of what makes Beard’s flavors so bold usually, and what makes them some of the best in the industry.


There are four different blends of this juice in terms of nicotine. I myself use CBD carrying oil to mix with the juice in order to treat my chronic pain, but my wife does use nicotine blends as she’s attempting to stop smoking through vaping. She started at the 12mg level and worked to 6mg a short time ago. For this blend we went with the 3mg blend, which is getting pretty light – a good sign that she’s been successful. According to her use, the blend is consistent in delivery, a claim she’s made with other Beard juices. She uses the pen consistently throughout the day, sipping a bit when she needs a fix. She is yet to complain about the makeup of the juice.


I am yet to find a Beard juice that I don’t like, and the group’s #64 blend is still very good, albeit not my favorite. The flavor just isn’t bold enough to stand up to the other juices put out by the group. I do appreciate the aromatic flavor that you almost get through your nose when you exhale, and the makeup of the solution itself is also top notch.

If you’re a user who is looking to stop smoking or wants to mix in CBD oil, this is a nice blend, and I at least urge you to check it out.

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