Beard Vape Co. #51 Review- NIIIIIIIICE


I love vanilla custard. I almost always try to pick some up when I go to Culver’s as it’s creamier and just rich in flavor when compared to the regular soft serve ice cream you find at other spots. The Beard Vape Co. knows that this is popular among a lot of people, and they have designed their flavor #51 with that in mind. This flavor is more simple than other flavors out there but is a tasty treat that you’ll want when you’re chilling out in the summer time.


The vanilla custard flavor in this E-Juice is decent, but not great. I think Beard has made the juice more mellow than some of their other blends for a chance to be a more mellowed out experience. Still, this is just not my favorite, as it’s not bold enough for me. I’d say this is more similar to something that you’d find at a normal juice store than most of the other Beard blends. While this isn’t something bad per say, it just means that #51 isn’t the best juice.


Blend #51 has the same 60/40 VG/PG blend that is present in all of the Beard juices. The juice is food grade quality and is always at the top of what you’d find within the industry. While you always pay a bit more for Beard’s flavor, the juice just seems to last longer.Beard Vape Co Review

The plumes of vapor you take in with this juice are full and the clouds you exhale are huge. I also found that exhaling some through my nose brought out more of the flavors. This is common but was more present with this blend than others. I think this is because of the lighter overall flavor.


There are a few different types of nicotine options available with this blend: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. I myself am not a nicotine user, but my wife is, and she’s been using vaporizers to quit smoking. She took a bottle of the 3mg for the custard and reported that the delivery is about the same as we’ve had with other flavors. Consistency is the key when it comes to nicotine delivery, and this is the same here. My wife says that this isn’t an issue, as she uses the juice throughout the day and never gets bad cravings.


Beard Vaper Co. #51 is a good E-Juice flavor, but it isn’t fantastic. The flavor is just too light for me, and while I love vanilla custard, I can’t see myself using this much outside of the summer season when I want to chill outside with something that makes me feel like I’ve just had some of the delicious treat.

With that being said, this has proven to be a very popular flavor for Beard, so there are no doubt fans of the juice.

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