Beard Vape Co. #32 Review


Beard Vape Co #32

When I head out to the carnival or my yearly county fair, one of the first places I make a visit to is the funnel cake stand. There’s simply nothing better in life than the doughy, sweet goodness that comes from these treats. It’s probably a good thing that the fair comes once a year because if I had yearly access to the cakes I’d probably weigh 600 pounds. The Beard Vape Co. has come out with their #32 E-Juice, which is a cinnamon funnel cake flavor. Let me tell you, this is to die for and you NEED to pick it up today, as it’ll become one of your favorite juice flavors.

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The flavor of the Beard Vape juices is always wonderful, and this is the case with #32. It tastes spot on to what you taste at the fair. My all-time favorite Beard juice is Strawberry Cheesecake, but others think this is the best one. #32 is the group’s most popular flavor, cinnamon funnel cake, and actually helped get the group’s name out more when it was a small producer.


The juice is high-quality and the 60/40 mixture of VG and PG has been combined perfectly. You’ll end up noticing that the vapor plumes will be huge in size, even when you don’t take any huge rips on the device. This is because the liquid has been made to efficiently vaporize on atomizers. You’ll also notice that there’s more liquid in the tank for longer periods of time. This is because the quality of the liquid is better than the junk you’ll find at the convenience store.


I’m not a smoker, so I used the juice that didn’t have any nicotine in it. I instead mix a bit of carrying CBD oil in my juice, and I found the results to be great. To test the nicotine, I gave my partner some juice with 6mg to use. She found it to be really good, as she recently transitioned from 12mg to help stop smoking. The nicotine lasts a long time and is consistent in its delivery, another aspect of the high quality of Beard’s juice.


I am in love with Beard’s #32 flavor. This reminds me of being at a carnival, and I think the only thing missing is a bit of cotton candy and a Ferris wheel. You end up paying a bit of a higher price for Beard’s juices, but the higher price is well worth it when you consider you don’t have to shell out for more juice nearly as frequently.

If you’re considering looking for something new to try in terms of E-Juice, you should check out #32. It’s a high-quality juice that is among my favorites, and I am looking forward to checking out the other options that Beard has available.

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Beard Vape Co #32


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